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We offer Mediation, Negotiation, Restorative Justice Consultations & Consent Education.  

Trouble is our specialty. 

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We are a highly skilled team of professionals drawing from backgrounds in law, psychology, somatics, philosophy and social justice. We have experience dealing with conflicts ranging from mediating Israelis and Palestinians, creating a Consent Protocol for Burning Man, teaching Restorative Justice in Oakland, CA, and even helping landlords and tenants avoid litigation.  Our services are available for organizational conflicts, and interpersonal ones. We can help even if you're just having trouble with your roommate. 

Woke Conflict Resolution

We don't just support diversity and inclusivity, we rely on it. Because power dynamics underlie every conflict, we focus on understanding our clients' identities and experiences to provide real inter-sectional, multifaceted solutions. We  hope you feel safe and seen with us. 

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Its hard asking for help. Reaching out can be scary. Contact us and  we can talk about the trouble you're experiencing. We're committed to making our services as accessible as possible and providing flexible prices. 


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